6-Cheap DivorceAre Cheap Divorce Lawyers Possible To Find?

Getting a divorce is an emotionally draining process. Paying high legal fees just adds to this pain. Is it really possible to find cheap divorce lawyers? Maybe this is possible, but if you do decide to use lawyers for your divorce then there are things that you can do to make their bill lower.

Don’t Contest Everything

Think about the things that are really important. The more disputes that you have the more expensive your legal bill. Once you are divorced what position do you want to be in? Do you want custody of the children? Do you want financial security? Do you want to live in the family home?

Be Prepared to Negotiate

If every issue on the table turns into a fight then you will end up paying your divorce lawyers a fortune. Arguing forcefully over the ownership of a second hand car can cost you more in legal fees than the car is worth. Negotiation will save you money as well as prevent a lot of emotional stress.

Think Long Term with Finance

Take the long term view when it comes to finances. Think about the financial needs of you and your children for the coming five to ten years. When you know the numbers you can make better decisions about finances.

Have Everything Ready

If your lawyers have to find all of the necessary paperwork pertaining to your finances then this will cost you a lot of money. Find the papers that are required yourself and save money and time.

Use Effective Communication

Each time that you have a conversation with a divorce lawyer it will cost you money. Many divorce clients spend a huge amount of money in this area and it is easy to reduce costs. The first thing to do is to stop picking up the phone and calling your divorce lawyer about every little thing.

When something comes to mind about your divorce write it down and then think about its importance and urgency. Is this really an urgent matter? Can you get more information online to help you with the problem?

Resist the temptation to communicate with your lawyer until you have a number of issues that need discussing. When you do contact your divorce lawyer have all of the relevant information available. If your question is simple then contact the lawyer’s paralegal first to see if they can answer it.

If your Divorce Lawyer has Support Staff use them

Most divorce lawyers will have paralegals and other support staff that will work on your divorce case. Before you appoint a lawyer ask about the support staff and what kind of questions they can answer. Their rate per hour will be considerably less than the divorce lawyer.

Be Honest at all times

If you lie or keep things from your divorce lawyer then this will always end up costing you a lot more money. Any surprises in a divorce case are going to be expensive, so be totally honest with your lawyer from the outset.

You cannot control what your spouse’s legal team does, but you do not want your legal team to be sidetracked by not telling them everything relevant. Make sure that you provide all of the relevant information at the start of the process.

Use a Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediators are cheap divorce lawyers and they are not even lawyers at all! What they are is a very good alternative to using divorce lawyers. The cost of hiring a divorce mediator is significantly less than using two divorce lawyers, no matter how cheap they claim to be.

A divorce mediator is a neutral third party that will bring the divorcing couple together and facilitate discussion of the issues at hand. The mediator will empower both parties to discuss the issues and to reach an acceptable decision on their own. They do not give legal advice but they will assist both parties to reach an agreement.

Divorce mediation can be effective even if the couple is not on good terms. The mediators training and experience enables them to steer the dialog back to the issue that needs discussion and avoid conflicts. A mediator will help each party to negotiate and to get what they want.

Once all of the issues surrounding the divorce are agreed the divorce mediator will create a marital settlement document that has to be approved by the courts. This agreement is binding for both parties.

So if you are getting a divorce don’t start off by looking for cheap divorce lawyers. Try divorce mediation first as it is cheaper and quicker than litigation.