1-Divorce Attorney Near Me
A Divorce Attorney Near Me Is Not The Only Answer

You have decided to get a divorce so what is the first thing that you are going to do? Get online and search for a “divorce attorney near me” of course. Well you could do that but there is an alternative to getting your divorce settled.
Before you go out and spend a huge sum of money on divorce attorneys you need to be aware of the services offered by a divorce mediator. A lot of couples have gone out and searched for a “divorce attorney near me” and spent a fortune in legal fees, only to discover that they could have settled their divorce for a lot less using divorce mediation services.

So just what is Divorce Mediation?

It is about you, your spouse and a neutral mediator getting together to decide the outcome of your divorce. The mediator is experienced in all divorce issues, and is also a skilled negotiator and facilitator. The goal of the mediator is to ensure both parties reach agreement and that everything is amicably settled.
The mediator will certainly cover issues surrounding children, including child support and maintenance and the agreed parenting time and overall custody. Children are always at the top of a divorce mediator’s list.
Other divorce issues will include the distribution of assets and liabilities related to property. The facilitator will assist in the identification of all of the important aspects of this, and they will normally have a strong financial background. Taxes are also likely to enter into the discussions.
Reaching agreements can take a lot of effort, and the mediator will have the skills to deal with these situations. Even if the couple tends to argue about everything, a good mediator will steer things back on track. The mediator will emphasize the need for empathy in discussions and will stop couples bad mouthing each other.

Divorce Mediation is Confidential and Flexible

Nothing said during divorce mediation is repeated outside. You can be sure of total confidentiality with divorce mediation services. You and your spouse have a platform to work as parents and resolve your differences.
Working as parents rather than individuals trying to get everything that they can for each other means that the children will come first. A good mediator will get both parties talking again, which is a common cause for divorce in the first place. A good post divorce relationship will very likely be the result after the mediation process.
You need to understand that a divorce mediator is not working for one party in the divorce. They are neutral and they will not offer any advice to either spouse. A good mediator will facilitate the brainstorming of ideas that will help the couple to reach an agreement. This is a good way to get the couple talking and negotiating possible solutions.

Divorce Mediation is a Voluntary Process

You and your spouse will never be forced into divorce mediation. It is an entirely voluntary process. The mediation process will go on as long as the couple and the mediator want it to. The mediation sessions can occur weekly, fortnightly, monthly or how ever often the parties require.
It is entirely up to the couple involved in the divorce how regularly the mediation sessions take place. Couples make all of the decisions in divorce mediation, and the mediator will accept their decisions over the number of sessions required.

Does Divorce Mediation take a long time?

A divorce using mediation may only take a matter of weeks. The time that it takes really depends upon the attitude of the parties concerned, and the number of issues that need resolving.
If you and your spouse are willing to reach agreement quickly on the issues then a fast divorce is likely. If you are both willing to discuss and agree the issues outside of the mediation sessions then this speeds things up as well.
Divorce mediation is quicker than litigation. When divorce attorneys are involved they will present different cases to the other attorney and they will need to await a response. If the case goes to the courts then expect to wait a very long time for your divorce.

What are the costs of Divorce Mediation?

The costs of divorce mediation will vary depending upon the number of sessions and the complexities. You will only be hiring one divorce mediator and you will need two divorce attorneys, so there is a cost saving straight away.
The average divorce mediated case back in 2005 took 90 days to settle and cost $3,000. Compared to this the average divorce case that involved divorce attorneys took 18 months to settle and cost $15,000. There is normally a huge difference in the cost of a mediated divorce and a litigated one.
So if you are getting a divorce don’t just search for “divorce attorney near me” think about using a divorce mediator to save both time and money.