8-Orange County Divorce AttorneyDo You Really Need An Orange County Divorce Attorney?

Before you go looking for an Orange County divorce attorney consider the benefits of using a divorce mediator. There are very few divorcing couples who cannot benefit from divorce mediation. This article will explain the major benefits of using a divorce mediator and hopefully persuade you to give them a try first.

Your Children will be top Priority

In many divorce litigation cases there is not enough consideration given to the needs of the children involved. It is one party battling with the other. If one parentnee ends up without visitation rights then the kids will suffer. Often with litigation neither of the spouses or the kids end up satisfied with the outcome.

Expensive Legal Costs

Choosing an Orange County divorce attorney to handle your divorce means that both parties will need one. In divorce mediation you only have to pay for one neutral mediator and the number of sessions that you have. This will be a fraction of the cost of litigation.

Mediation is usually a Lot Faster

When you use Orange County divorce attorneys you are likely to have to wait far longer for your divorce than if a divorce mediator is used. If achieving a resolution doesn’t work using attorneys then the divorce case will end up in the courts. This will add even more time to the divorce process.

How does Divorce Mediation work?

You will be bringing your divorce to an experienced and professionally trained mediator who will guide both parties to achieve a solution that is mutually agreeable. The mediator will encourage negotiation and empathy. Your mediator will facilitate the engagement of both parties to discuss all of the divorce issues.

An experienced mediator knows all about divorce and will assist the couple to identify the issues that require discussion and agreement. They will also listen attentively to the needs and concerns of both parties. With this information the divorce mediator will assist the couple to make the right decisions and reach agreement on the divorce.

Divorce Mediation will cover which topics?

Anything related to your divorce. If children are involved, a parenting plan is required which details the responsibilities of each parent after the divorce. Also the financial support that each parent will provide needs discussion and agreement.

The division of assets and debts requires discussion and agreement. Usually there is a family home involved and there will be other family assets to divide up. If debts exist then it has to be clear on who is responsible for these.

In many divorce mediation cases the need for spousal support (in some states this is called alimony, maintenance or spousal maintenance) often arises. The mediator will assist in the two parties reaching agreement about the amount to pay, and for how long the payments will be required.

Divorce Mediation is Win-Win

The mediator will document the decisions that you and your spouse make. This will go into a marital settlement agreement (or in some states a Memorandum of Understanding) and this will bind both parties.

With divorce mediation there will not be a single winner as can happen with litigation. The final settlement created by both of you is acceptable to both parties. It also will ensure that your children win as well.

A good divorce mediator will not only help you reach agreement over the divorce issues, but they can also assist with such things as breaking the news of your divorce to your children in the right way and deciding who will take care of family pets.

One of the best things about divorce mediation is that it usually leads to a reasonable relationship between the couple after the divorce. If one party has lost out in a litigation battle then the post divorce relationship is unlikely to be harmonious.

Any Couple can Benefit from Divorce Mediation

Even if you and your spouse are not on good terms at the moment, divorce mediation can still work. It just requires the pair of you to be willing to voluntarily attend mediation sessions and participate actively. The thought of those huge legal fees should be motivation enough to try this!

Both you and your spouse need to be comfortable making your own decisions. Mediation is all about self determination and both parties will be in control of the decisions made about the divorce. The divorce mediator is not there to instruct either party or to provide advice.

You and your spouse must be totally honest for divorce mediation to be effective. All relevant information needs disclosing so that both parties and the mediator are aware of everything. Mediation will not work if one of the spouses is hiding assets for example.

You should now be convinced that divorce mediation is a viable and cost effective way to get a divorce. It should be cheaper and faster than hiring Orange County divorce attorneys.

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