7-Lawyer Or Divorce MediationIrvine Divorce Lawyer Or Divorce Mediation?

Life is all about choices even when it comes to getting a divorce. A lot of people are unaware of the excellent services offered by divorce mediators, and instead will look for an Irvine divorce lawyer on search online for a “divorce attorney Irvine CA”.

What is the Divorce Mediation Process?

A divorce mediator is a neutral and independent divorce expert who will not side with either spouse or provide any advice. They are there to facilitate the discussion of the divorce issues and assist the couple to reach a divorce settlement themselves.

Mediators are all individuals and their approaches may vary a little, but in the main the divorce mediation process will be similar everywhere. The initiation of the process usually starts by each spouse calling the mediator, and providing background information about their marriage and why it has failed.

It is usual for a divorce mediator to want to know as much as possible about the marriage and the issues before a mediation session will begin. Once that position has been reached a session including both spouses and the mediator is arranged.

The Initial Mediation Session

At this initial meeting the mediator will make it clear to both of you what you can expect from the divorce mediation process. It is normal that mediation sessions take place with both spouses present, but separate sessions with one spouse can be arranged if private discussions are requested. This does not mean that the mediator is siding with one spouse.

You will probably have to sign a confidentiality agreement that ensures all discussions be kept confidential. This is a good thing for you and your spouse. Anything is discussable in the divorce mediation sessions with total privacy.

An experienced divorce mediator will use their skills to establish rapport with both spouses. This is essential for the mediation sessions to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. You will then have the opportunity to make a statement about your marital situation and so will your spouse.

The mediator will then probably ask questions in order to clarify certain points. You or your spouse might have to provide more information on certain issues. The mediator may then go over the points made again so that all of the parties are clear.

It is likely that you and your spouse will agree on some issues and not on others so the mediator needs to know this. Where there is not agreement the mediator will have to work hard to get you there. You will have to provide more information when it comes to the division of assets, and the mediator will specify this.

Divorce Mediator versus Irvine Divorce Lawyer

There are several reasons why you should consider using divorce mediation services rather than Irvine divorce lawyers.

The first is the cost. You only require one neutral divorce mediator, but need two Irvine divorce lawyers (one for each party). Divorce mediation costs range from $5,000 to $8,000 on average whereas a litigated divorce can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $200,000 (or worse).

Most divorce mediations end up with a settlement agreed over all of the divorce issues. A litigated divorce is often a lot more complicated, and if the two divorce lawyers are unable to reach agreement then the case goes to the family court.

The divorce mediation process is totally confidential. No member of the public can request a mediator to provide details of a divorce. A litigated divorce means the creation of public court records so anyone can see the details.

Mediation is usually a much shorter process for divorce than litigation. Issues are discussed in real time. There is no waiting on Irvine divorce lawyers or the court. Typically a mediated divorce can take 2-3 months whereas a litigated divorce can take anything from 18 months to 3 years.

A mediated divorce will usually result in a settlement that both spouses are happy with. This is because they were fully involved in the decision making process. With a litigated divorce, decisions are imposed on the spouses, and this can lead to one or even both parties being dissatisfied.

If you live in Irvine CA and you are getting a divorce, give divorce meditation a try before you start looking for Irvine divorce lawyers. Your marriage is much more likely to end faster and you will save a lot of money. The settlement will be good for your children too.