3-Family Lawyer Near MeFamily Lawyer Near Me Or Family Mediation?

Looking for a “family lawyer near me” online? Getting a divorce and worried about the outcome for your children? A family lawyer can certainly help you with your children during a divorce and other family issues, but don’t be thinking that they are the only solution.

A family lawyer will be able to handle legal issues that involve family members and this can include divorces, separations, and negotiations etc. Most people will involve a family lawyer in separation or divorce cases, because they believe that they will take special consideration over the children that are involved.

Family or Divorce Mediation

Let’s be honest here, family lawyers can be very expensive. Thankfully there is another way to settle family disputes and that is through the use of family mediation services, also known as divorce mediation services.

When you use family mediation an independent and neutral mediator will facilitate the discussions necessary to reach agreement over child custody, visitation rights, child support and child maintenance as well as any other child related issues.

Using a family mediation service can be very beneficial to couples who are going through a divorce, breaking up and separating and even those that are already divorced that are in a dispute over children.

The use of these mediation services can save you a lot of money compared to hiring family lawyers. In a mediation session positive dispute resolution takes place and the avoidance of adversarial procedures is ensured.

Divorce Mediation is a Win-Win Scenario

If you are going through a divorce then not only you and your spouse are involved. Your children are also deeply affected, and they will want their mom and dad to get along with each other after the divorce.

When lawyers are involved the children can suffer with one parent awarded custody and the other denied visitation rights. A divorce mediator wants to achieve a win-win situation for the parents and the children alike.

The mediation process requires both parties to come to the table and discuss the issues over their children in order to reach an agreement. Your fully trained mediator in family and divorce matters facilitates discussion and avoids conflict. They are neutral and will not side with either party.

Using a Divorce Mediator Before a Divorce

A mediator can resolve a whole range of family disputes before a divorce takes place. Also you can use a mediator to resolve family disputes after your divorce. The mediator will draw up a marital service agreement that both parties have agreed to.

Mediation for most family dispute situations – but not all of them

Mediation of family disputes will work for most couples but there are exceptions. If there is a huge difference in power between the two parties don’t use mediation because it won’t work effectively. Don’t use mediation if there is evidence of domestic violence.

Why should you Trust a Family Mediator?

Trained family mediators who have a great deal of experience are very competent at resolving family disputes. They are trained to facilitate positive discussion about the issues that affect families in separations and divorces.

They are experienced in handling support, custody and visitation issues and will get couples talking to find the best way forward. They are so good at this that family counselors, divorce lawyers and the courts will refer couples to them.

Mediation is not binding but the Settlement Agreement is

All good mediators want to reach a settlement agreement that both parties are happy with. This written agreement is sent to the courts in divorce cases. The mediation process itself is not binding but the settlement agreement approved by the courts is.

Think about using family mediation services before you start searching for a “family lawyer near me”. Try searching for “divorce mediation Orange County” instead. The mediation process is often faster and less expensive than litigation.

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