9-Orange County Family LawyersLooking For Orange County Family Lawyers? Consider Divorce Mediation Instead.

Divorce is tough for all concerned and it is natural for people to think that hiring Orange County family lawyers is the right thing to do to settle a divorce. But a good alternative is divorce mediation. It has a number of advantages over hiring divorce lawyers and going through litigation.

Divorce Mediation Preserves Relationships

When you hire Orange County family lawyers the relationship that you have with your spouse is likely to turn for the worse. Divorce mediation will assist you in preserving the relationship with your spouse. Your children will benefit from this due to the reduction in tension between their parents.

Lawyers and judges making decisions for you is unlikely to satisfy everyone. With mediation you both make your own decisions and therefore satisfaction with the outcome is increased. Your children will also benefit from the decisions made through divorce mediation.

It is more Cost Effective to use Divorce Mediation

When you use a divorce mediation service you can expect to pay around $5,000. A litigated divorce will cost you at least three times this amount if all goes well. If things don’t go well you can pay up to $200,000 for a divorce with Orange County family lawyers.

With divorce mediation issues are discussed with a neutral mediator in real time. Hiring Orange County family lawyers leads to money and time being spent as the two different lawyers present their cases to each other. If the lawyers do not resolve the case and it has to go to the family court then the costs will be sky high.

You are in Control with Divorce Mediation

The role of a divorce mediator is to assist and empower each party to calmly discuss the issues and reach an agreement by themselves. If Orange County family lawyers or the courts make these decisions then they are unlikely to satisfy both parties (and possibly neither party).

With mediation for divorce the couple is in control of the schedule and the issues of the divorce. When you are in control of the schedule your divorce will happen faster. You will not have to wait for the courts or Orange County family lawyers for the decisions or available court days.

Divorce Mediation is more efficient

It is much more efficient to look for creative solutions and this is what divorce mediation aims to achieve. As a participant in the divorce mediation process you have the flexibility and all of the time that you need to think through and discuss the best course of action.

Any decisions made can be “reality tested” by both parties to see how effective they are. If the agreements are not working efficiently, the mediator will assist in making changes. Agreements made through litigation are very difficult to change.

You have more Choices with Divorce Mediation

Compare the freedom of making your own decisions about your divorce settlement to having decisions imposed upon you through litigation. With divorce mediation both parties have to say “yes” to an agreement. If one party says “no” then further discussions take place.

With the both party “yes” approach it is much more likely that both spouses will be satisfied as these are their own solutions to the divorce issues. You will only have this freedom of choice with divorce mediation, and not through the use of Orange County family lawyers and the courts.

Divorce Mediation is Private and Confidential

The divorce mediator’s office provides total privacy and confidentiality. Anything discussed is totally confidential. Contrast that with a crowded court room. Remember that all court files are public records, so anyone can view your divorce case.

There are other benefits of using divorce mediation in Orange County in preference to Orange County family lawyers. Make divorce mediation the first step to a successful and cost effective divorce.

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