4-Getting A DivorceWhat Are Your Options For Getting A Divorce?

Getting a divorce is a very difficult decision to make. Once you have made it you need to know how to get your divorce settled in the best way for you and your children. In this article we will examine the two main ways of getting a divorce so that you can choose which is best for you.

Divorce Lawyers are not the only Option

A lot of people that are getting a divorce will feel that they need to hire divorce lawyers to get everything sorted out properly. Before you go looking for a divorce attorney Irvine CA you need to know that there is an alternative which is the divorce mediation process.

If you think that the litigation route is best for you then you need to be prepared to spend big on getting your divorce. Each party will need a divorce lawyer which is a lot more expensive than hiring just one divorce mediator.

It is no secret that divorces that are resolved through litigation can be extremely expensive. The divorce process is likely to be painful enough for both parties, without the prospect of facing a huge legal bill at the end of it.

There are many stories of a complex divorce actually costing a couple their home to pay for the legal and court fees involved. You do not want to be in this position. If you live in California then divorce lawyers fees have protection under the law by the equity that you have in your home – ouch!

Do Divorce Lawyers always have your best interests at heart?

Some people would argue strongly that the best divorce lawyers will always have their client’s best interest at heart, but others will tell you that they have experienced lawyers “racking up charges” by dragging divorce cases on and on.

If you have children then you must make them top priority when you are getting a divorce. Some people that have used divorce lawyers will tell you that the lawyers that they used did not prioritize the best interests of their children. Don’t let this happen to your kids.

So is a Divorce Mediator the best for Getting a Divorce?

A divorce mediator will assist you and your spouse to peacefully discuss the issues surrounding your divorce. This will certainly include any children which the mediator will place at the top of the priority list.

Discussions about finances will take place and the mediator will facilitate the necessary negotiations to reach the best agreement for all concerned. Even if you are not on friendly terms with your spouse, divorce mediation can work for both of you.

A divorce mediator is entirely neutral and will facilitate the identification of the issues that require discussion and agreement. Everything will be included, and it is the goal of the mediator that both parties are in agreement on everything. This may seem impossible to you at this stage, but many couples have successfully divorced using divorce mediation services.

After agreeing everything the required documents are drawn up by your mediator and sent to the court. Even if there are several issues to discuss it normally takes a lot less time to settle a divorce using a mediator than it does to go through litigation.

Using a professionally trained and experienced divorce mediator will save a lot of money as well. Only one mediator is required as opposed to two divorce lawyers and the cost is considerably less. Getting a divorce using a competent divorce mediator makes a lot of sense, and could save you a packet and prevent a lot of unnecessary stress.